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Our Services

Services we provide



  • We set and manage all ad partners ourselves
  • We optimize yield for you
  • We optimize ad performance for you
  • Standard Auto-refresh*
  • Standard Lazy-Load*



  • We set your ad server for you
  • We create customized setup for your site
  • We create and manage customized ad placements for you
  • We can set our ad partners or can use yours, or we can do mix of both
  • Custom yield optimization*
  • Custom Ad-Refresh*
  • Custom reporting*
  • Header Bidding
  • UTM reporting
  • Custom Lazy-Load
  • Auto-insertion
  • Prebid Integration & Configuration
  • API
*Standard settings mean that the same setting will apply to all pages. Custom settings mean that performance of each set of pages will be studied and will have custom settings based on performance.