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Hooligan Media CPM Ad Network

Having issues with your ads? Low revenue or low CPM rates? This tutorial will help you troubleshoot your situation and help you navigate through the process.
Some of the common mistakes are:

  • Issues with ads.txt
  • Low viewability
  • Technical issues on the page
  • Low CTR
  • Bounce rate or Low page views

First things first – check if your ads.txt is in place and has all the necessary records in it. To do that, open your website: if it loads, then, the next step is to check if it has all the necessary records. Open Hooligan Media Publisher Dashboard and navigate to ads.txt in on the menu if it shows you a red mark this means some of the records are missing. Download the ads.txt file from the dashboard and upload updated version to your site. Once you do that, make sure to flush website cache and check that updated version is reflected. One of the easiest way to do that is to check ads.txt URL via incognito window.

Another thing that can affect your CPM rates and revenue is low ad viewability. If the ad is not visible or visible for a very short period of time it won’t get good rates. As an advertiser you would want to bid high for the ad that attracts attention, thus, making sure that ad is visible is the way to ensure good CPM rates. While it is normal that not all ad units will get 100% visibility, you can ensure that your ads are placed where users interact with the page the most.

Login to Hooligan Media dashboard and check viewability of each ad unit, make a note of those that has the lower percentage. Check placement of those units on the page and see what can be improved. Is it below the fold? Can it be moved higher on the page? Is there any other position where it can be placed?

You can use tools like HotJar or Yandex.Metrika to analyze your webpages and see how deep users scroll on the page and how much time they spent on each section of the page.

Clicks pay a great role and directly affect your revenues. The higher the CTR the higher the rate. Units with lower viewability will get lower CTR. One of the best ways to ensure higher CTR is to check heatmap/clickmap of the page. Depending on your site content, theme, and design, there could be a different placements that can benefit you and bring higher rates and revenue.

High bounce rate, or in other words, users leaving page too fast is another reason that can bring lower CPM rates and affect revenue. Look for such data as page views per visit, time on page, and exit pages, as well as look for traffic sources that giving you traffic with worst performance.

If user leaves a page before the ad is loaded it will not be counted as impression as ad request was sent, but returned when page was closed, the ad wasn’t loaded and visible, thus it won’t be paid for.

Study your analytics and make notes of the pages with high bounce rate (exit rate) and lowest time on page. Try to improve structure or the content of those pages. While it is normal that users leave at certain pages, making them stay a little longer by reading more content before they exit will result in more ad loaded, higher viewability, and CPM rates.

Technical issues on the page is another, very common issue that is affecting revenue of the publishers. Technical issues may relate to many things such as page taking too long to load, plugin issue, ads not displaying correctly, ads covered by other ads etc.
Again, such tools as HotJar, SmartLook, or Yandex.Metrika will help you to see how the user visit goes and if there are any issues that users face while visiting your site.

Our team of dedicated tech support will also help you to find and troubleshoot issue, just send a ticket.