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The safest and fastest way to monetize your site without risk while maximizing your revenue and improving ad experience.


The power to unleash the future content within

Maximize your inventory monetization and user experience with solutions built with publishers in mind. Leverage our exchange technology to access premium demand, with ads individually certified to ensure the highest standard of quality.


What we can do for you

Get the most out of your inventory

Hooligan Media adaptable solution helps publishers get the most out of their inventory. Compatible with every framework, Hooligan is the easiest monetization solution to implement on the market.

Yield and optimization

Behind our powerful monetization solutions is a team of yield experts that work to improve your inventory performance, maximize revenue and ensure higher ad quality and brand safety.

Reach higher CPM rates

Hooligan provides unique high-impact formats to help publishers access high-paying demand. Get more out of your inventory with our exclusive high-CPM formats.


Become successful and start make progress

Leverage Hooligan’s relationship with premium demand partners by leveraging our solutions for publishers. With a platform agnostic approach and a suite of products compatible with any setup, Hooligan offers access to strong curated demand so that publishers can generate incremental advertising revenue.


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What are the available ad formats?
Users generally prefer fewer ads. Hooligan ad formats are never oversized and are preferred by users over sites with more, often unnecessary, ad placements. We provide standard IAB ad units, including responsive and custom-size options.
What types of sites are accepted and what are the requirements?
Hooligan accepts all the sites in all niches except porn, or other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity, or infringes on the legal rights of others. There is no certain traffic requirement, however, you do need traffic to monetize site.
Who are your ad partners?
We partnered with ad networks like Rubicon, MoPub, OpenX, DoubleClick, Google Display Network, Yahoo, AppNexus, AOL, and more.